Camping with us

All members of the Camping and Caravanning Club are welcome to camp at any of our meets and temporary holiday sites.

The entrance to the site will be signposted with yellow LDA marker posts; follow the signs and stop to report to the steward on arrival.

You will be asked to show your membership card and pay site fees to the steward. The steward may also direct you where to pitch your unit and will advise the locations of facilities at the site.


What sort of camping accommodation do I need?Tents, trailer tents, caravans, camper vans and all types of unit are welcome as long as they are designed for overnight accommodation and you have your own toilet and washing facilities.
Can I erect an awning, gazebo or pup tent?Yes and there is no extra charge if it all fits in the space normally allowed for a car + caravan + awning.
Is there any entertainment?Some meets include entertainment and activities, we might have live music acts as well as organised games, quiz or craft activities for all ages.
Look out for special events on our calendar.
Do I have to join in the activities?It’s a great way to meet new people and develop friendships, however please do not feel under any pressure to join in with any activities if you just want a quiet weekend.
We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your stay with us, whatever you choose to do with your day.
Are toilets available?Unless otherwise stated, there are normally no toilet or shower facilities provided; “own sanitation essential” means bring your own toilet.
There will be a chemical toilet disposal, also known as ELSAN point, signposted at the campsite.
Will there be waste and recycling bins at the campsite?Waste disposal is expensive, so weekend meets may not have anywhere suitable to dispose of rubbish, please be prepared to take it home with you.
Holiday sites will allow for waste disposal.
Is there electric hook up available?Unless otherwise stated, you will normally need your own power sources; bottled gas for cooking and heating, and a fully charged leisure battery in good condition is a must.
To keep your battery charged you might wish to use a solar panel or generator; please observe the club rules on generator use to avoid disturbing others.
Can we just turn up at a meet or do I have to book in advance?In most cases our weekend meets and holiday sites are large fields with ample space and do not require booking.
Check our Facebook group page for last minute information and updates before travelling.
When can I arrive/leave?The earliest arrival time will be published in the event details. Departure time is normally by 12 pm, but you may be able to stay later by agreement with the steward.

Club Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all campers, we ask you to observe the club rules for meets and temporary holiday sites linked below: